BRENT WHITE – Office Manager & Estimator

Brent was recognised for his efforts within the family business and the industry sector, by being named WA’s Winner of the Housing Industry Association Business Partner Award.

The HIA Business Partner award recognises the incredible work done ‘off-site’ in small to medium sized businesses in the housing industry.

Brent is praised by the judges for having a real understanding of business management as well as construction. His role as office manager and estimator allows him to keep his finger on the pulse; contributing to his family business by proactively implementing technology, ideas and systems to propel the business forward.

Brent is always seeking out opportunities to grow and learn, and takes up every chance to build on his knowledge. Recently he has been working towards a personal development goal of completing his Diploma in Building & Construction.

Brent is our Collie local having worked for the White Building Co for over 17 years!

Starting out on the tools and now working to keep us all on our toes, he is very focused on ensuring our customers are getting the best value for their investment. As our Estimator, his best piece of advice is “ask questions, lots of them, especially if you’re unsure, we want you to be confident in us and I’ll do my very best to give you a full understanding”.

This award now progresses Brent as a finalist in the National Business Partner Award for the HIA-CSR 2020 Australian Housing Awards. The Awards night will be a gala dinner celebration and an eye-catching conclusion to HIA’s 3 day 2020 National Conference to be held at The Star, Gold Coast.

Owner and Father of Brent, Greg White stated,

Brent’s hunger for knowledge is a credit to him and an asset to White Building Co. He has taken full responsibility for contract administration including tendering and the security of future works.

In previous years due to the downturn in the residential side of the industry, we have taken a ‘swim not sink’ approach to the business. Focusing our efforts on our safe but competitive tendering we were able to secure various government works. With the support and innovative ideas of Brent, we have now been able to work on expanding our services and connections with our local communities. 

Brent White would like to thank the ongoing support and feedback he receives from the small business community.

Small Business has been a constant challenge over the last decade. When I transitioned to the office from the onsite carpentry role I definitely didn’t expect to be where I am now. The last year has been a big one and the recognition was very unexpected. White Building Co has positioned itself in what feels like a category of its own, so we have been working hard to improve our brand recognition and educate potential customers on how we do differ from the normal project builder and on the other end of the indicator, a hand-man. We are very much the ‘something’ in the middle.

Taking out an award like WA Business Partner of the year has really made me reflect on my work-life balance and anyone in small business knows it’s hard to find a constant balance. Some days I feel overwhelmed, I look at the clock and know I should be turning the lights off and locking the gate. I read the txt from my wife and just can’t wait to get home to play with my little boy. We’ve spent many after-work walks debriefing the working day instead of discussing our personal goals. The hot topic in our house is nearly always building industry related. I’m lucky to have a wife who has a similar background, also having a builder as a dad, but even luckier that she shares the interest and helps out when she can. If anything the time we’ve spent working together has only strengthened our relationship and created more of an understanding. Plus when the pieces of the small business puzzle come together, the family can’t help feeling like an effective team.

If you’d like to seek some of Brent’s advice please feel free to contact him via 1300 000 922 or 

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