Since August 1992 this champion, Greg White has been providing a range of carpentry services to the South West. Having done his apprenticeship, Greg grew fond of the construction industry and took a chance at becoming a Registered Builder!

Greg’s what we call a very hands-on boss, he says that the greatest part of his job is being able to get involved with clients and his team on various projects. Renovations are what he finds most rewarding as these are not necessarily easy but he enjoys seeing the impressive outcomes! Greg who now lives in Busselton enjoys travelling around the South West for work but will always find an arvo in his hometown of Collie to head out to the Collie Golf Club for a round with his mates.

Greg’s biggest advice to all of his clients is to “Select a builder that will listen to what you want but do listen to the advice given, it could save you money and improve the practicality of your design”. In the next few years, Greg’s hoping to find a happier balance between work and play so you might start to see less of him in work attire and more of his ripper fishing shots.

Greg with Collie Gallery Group chairwoman Elizabeth Lindsay and Collie Shire president Wayne Sanford gather on the site for the construction of a new art gallery in Collie. Read More