Need more room? Considered a Granny Flat?

Granny Flat – Its the perfect backyard hideaway !

When it comes to renovations and extensions we find many people feel like adding more rooms to their exciting home is a bit of a fantasy. But please don’t put this idea in the too hard basket. White Building Co have written this blog to help give you an idea of additional options and costs for a Granny Flats. Yes! an independent dwelling, kitted out how you want it and you’ll be surprised with what can actually fit!

Details on a Granny Flat we completed

Giving you insight into this versatile option.

Measuring 6.8m x 5.5m with 2.4m high walls, it incorporates a main bedroom, ensuite and living space combined with a kitchen.
Cost approx. $70k
With any form of construction, quality vs cost is a very big consideration. So please only consider this cost as an indication for the level of quality that this client received. To help bring context to this cost we have provided the materials and specifications used on this specific granny flat.
Materials and Specs:
  • Allowances for drafting and shire approvals
  • Allowances for Earthworks, electrical and plumbing
  • Termite treated Concrete floor
  • Termite treated timber wall frames and roof timber.
  • Colourbond iron roof, gutters and downpipes.
  • James Hardi primeline weather boards to the exterior.
  • Gyprock lined internal walls and ceilings flushed and finished with cove cornice
  • Insulation batts to external walls and ceilings
  • Glazed sliding door and windows
  • Internal doors, frames and hardware
  • Skirting to all areas
  • Complete bathroom fit out
  • Kitchen cabinetry allowance
  • – No painting or Floor coverings include on cost as the client wanted to DYI.
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Confused about which would be better a Studio or Granny Flat???
Its simple really, a Granny Flat is considered to be additional accommodation which is formally known as an ‘Ancillary Dwelling’. This is a small, self-contained dwelling located on the same lot as another single house to read more click here.
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