Over the years we’ve had many clients comment on how simple our building process is. We endeavour to make our customers journey as straight forward as possible. Our process includes 4 simple steps.

We seek first to understand, so get in touch and bounce your ideas off us! Having 25 years’ experience as a registered builder, we want to help bring all your thoughts together and create a unique and feasible project brief. Our key tip for project planning is “Begin with the end in mind!” If you work with your bank to define your budget, we will then be able to help you understand where the costs lie. Making your set budget work for you not against you when it comes to your design and selections.

To bring your ideas to life and start the design process we need to continue the synergy and agree to the right level of design options for you. We encourage you to keep bringing your ideas forward, it’s important we produce a cost estimate that is a transparent evaluation of the match between your budget and ideas.

We have no losers here! So let’s commit.
Now we have objectives to work with let’s firm up your design and building contract. Contracts are either Fixed Price or Cost-Plus, we are Housing Industry Australia member so the contracts are straight forward, no hidden loop holes or loose ends. This formality is really our commitment to you. 

Step 4 – LETS BUILD 
Throughout this process, we will stop and sharpen the saw, checking in with you to ensure your happy with the progress and quality as we go. You’re now part of the WBC family so don’t expect not to hear from us, we want you to be just as excited about your investment as we are. 25 odd years on and we still get excited about every quality completed project!

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