West Arthur Health and Resource Centre Expansion

The Centre’s objective is to enhance community interaction, education and personal opportunities for residents of the Shire of West Arthur through the provision of community based services and communications, and information technology resources.
White Building Co was awarded expansion works in February 2017 and are happy to report our completion on 22nd February 2018.
This expansion included:
  • New large community room with dedicated storage space.
  • Activity room primarily for art and craft.
  • Three new offices.
  • Enlarged library.
  • Expanded medical/treatment room including waiting area and additional foyer.
  • Staff room.
  • Remodelling of existing toilets and inclusion of new toilets.
The project had its challenges, as the proposed extension needed to work in with the existing building. The architect for the project was Gary Batt Architects . Various new products were introduced into the design which gave it a modern edge.
White Building Co are thrilled with the outcome and are so thankful for the opportunity to be part of this project.
On 15th September 2018 the Health and Resource Centre had a formal opening day and White Building Co were delighted to be invited back to Darkan. Giving us the opportunity to see this new space functioning and enabling its community. Congratulations to all involved!




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