We’re Qualified for the Job!

As of the 2020 White Building Co has been in business for 28 years. Owner Greg and Manager Brent have a combined qualified building experience of 54 years!
If you need a reason to request a quote from us, we hope this does the trick.
Both Greg and Brent hold builders practitioner licences to support White Building Co’s builders’ registration.


  • Double the qualified personal requirements.
  • Double the experience requirements.
  • Double the security.
  • Did we mention 2, yes TWO Builders Practioner Licences to support White Building Co’s Builders Registration!
  • Depots in BUSSELTON and COLLIE covering the full SOUTH WEST and WHEATBELT areas.


The pair have kicked some goals over the last few months:
  • Greg achieved 20 years as a Master Builders Association WA member – Now that is a commitment, which demonstrates strong industry dedication through a continuously changing economy.
  • Brent achieved his Diploma of Building and Construction. Which we know was many nights and weekends of extra study and personal development to ensure his knowledge is diverse, accurate, current and recognised in the industry.
  • Brent being named WA’s Winner of the Housing Industry Association Business Partner Award – This is a once a year, one state winner recognition for the whole industry. We couldn’t be more thrilled that he was recognised at this level.

If you’d like to seek some of Brent’s or Greg’s advice please feel free to contact them on 1300 000 922

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